About Me


I grew up in a house full of creativity. My mom is an artist, my dad has a successful design company, my sister and twin brother are amazing advertisers. Our family dinners were followed by video gaming session. My parents are the only ones that didn’t let me play because they want to do it, and I had to watch and wait for my turn.

Creativity was part of my childhood development, but I had others passions to pursue and they were related with sports and nature (sustainability wasn’t on my vocabulary back in the beginning of 2000). I wanted to be an Oceanographer or a Forest Engineer. However, seeking a profession on those roles back in that time was a setup for failure, or maybe I wasn’t ready yet to commit, so I studied Business.


Early professional experiences

After the first College year, I went to Australia for 3 months of english studies and 1 year of adventures on how to make money, surfing and travel as much as possible around Oceania. Back to Brazil, I started play with editing/animation softwares and to make a lot of videos. That led to my first real work as an editor in a production company, making documentaries, fiction films and commercials.

While doing a research documentary for an Ad agency with a terrible brief, I had to figure out myself how to gather insights and tell an interesting story, that’s where my eyes opened for communication strategy and I started to work as a Strategist in an Ad agency.


Professional positioning

When I got my business degree, I had about 10 totally different job experiences and thought that I should positioning myself. So I decided to focus on 3 pillars:

  • Business: I love the challenge to grow business by improving people’s lives.
  • Technology: always attracted me how it can be translated to the mainstream.
  • People: because I believe that networks are the medium to achieve great things.

At the time, around 2008, social media was starting to become relevant and was aligned with all my pillars, so I jumped on it. I’ve studied reports, played with social networks, and did a bunch of side and professional projects.

It opened me amazing opportunities as I was becoming a different type of Strategist. I won a Brazil Young Lions as the best planner under 30, started at R/GA São Paulo in 2011, taught at Miami AdSchool, São Paulo Digital School and Perestroika, gave a bunch of speeches at Social Media Day / Week and Content Summits.

In February of 2014, I moved to the R/GA’s headquarter in New York where I’m currently working with communication, services and products for brands as Johnson & Johnson, Verizon and Samsung. When I’m not in the office, I’m probably surfing, running, rock climbing, or making any of my personal projects happen, like the Bridge Today, Try Twice, One Fingers or writing on Medium.


Another type of social

The world has changed, social media is not an emerging technology anymore, it has become ubiquitous and a commodity in the communication strategy industry. My experience are still valid but I’m looking for the next step.

I have had many friends that left the advertising industry as it being purposeless. Those are all thoughts that everyone get through but I always had the feeling and motivation to change the industry from the inside, and use it’s human and financial capital for good.

I started to learn more about social good, and used the Sustainable Development Goals to help guide my purpose. I decided to take goals 13, 14 and 15 as my own, and repositioning myself focused on the pillars:

  • Innovation: use high or low tech to grow businesses.
  • People: as a motivation to help and belong.
  • Sustainability: have a KPI to combat climate change, protect oceans and forest.



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