I’m Beto Bina.

I was born in an artistic family, studied business, my left & right brains are inseparable.

When I turned 30, I dramatically changed my career. Pain led to cure. I founded FARFARM in 2017. I’m Head of Sourcing at VEJA since 2019.

I’m passionate about what I do, can’t separate professional from personal anymore. I’m the forest.

My early career was in the creative industry as a Strategist. I worked with brands such as Nike, Google, Uber, Samsung, Coca-cola and others, in São Paulo and New York. Learnings still live within.

I write thoughts on Medium, I take portrait of the people at SouBrazileiro, I collect Quotes about Nature, I volunteer at Papel & Caneta, I love Surfing and I love my biological and extended families.

Below is my picture at the Acre River: