About Me

Intro: I grew up in a house full of art and design. My mom being an artist (Bina Monteiro), my dad having a design company (www.gad.com.br) followed by a sister and twin brother (advertisers) really inspired me to pursue a career in communications. But that was too easy. I love art but I also had a thing for my left brain. so I studied Business Administration in order to decide on my own what to do… or not to do! I hated all intern offers I had at that time. As I’ve always loved making videos of surfing and skating, and playing with Premiere and After Effects, I did a “video CV” – it wasn’t a portfolio, but a real CV in video – it was strange enough to get me a job as an Editor in an audiovisual company. After that, I started to do documentaries for research companies which gave me a perception of insights and storytelling. Naturally I ended working as a strategist in an Advertising agency and I was always the “internet/digital/innovation” guy. And I liked that label! In the end my family was right, communications is the way to go, and as a Strategist I could fulfill both sides of my brain.

Pillars: after working in over 10 companies, I figured out I needed to focus on something for the years to come. So, around five years ago, I created a life plan based on a SWOT analysis of myself and created a Strategic Planning of Beto’s Life and listed three pillars I should drive my career. A) Business: have a degree and I love the challenge to grow business by improving people’s lives. B) Technology: always attracted me how it can be translated to the mainstream. C) People: because I believe that networks are the medium to achieve great things.

Experience: these three pillar are the foundation of my work at R/GA. I’ve been helping to grow the office for more than 3 year, since the first year of R/GA in Brazil. As an Associate Director, Social Media, Mobile & Social Platforms, I’m responsible for leading this offer at the R/GA São Paulo office and others strategic works. As a matter of fact, this important role is just an excuse to participate in the most amazing projects for clients such as Nike, Google, MasterCard, Whirlpool, TIM, J&J among others.

Project I’m proud of: TIM beta (http://vimeo.com/83442197) is a pre-paid mobile phone plan for young-adults in Brazil. Our main challenge was to increase frequency of use, so we created the Blablameter. It is a platform that measures the influence through social/phone data and recognizes the most influencers with discounts, events invitations and SIM cards to distribute. It was a huge success as it increased the frequency of use in more than 22%. I loved it because we were able to integrate business with technology, and offer something valuable to people. I was the leading strategist, responsible for planning, media and analytics. I partnered with Developers, Creatives, UXers and Business group.

Additional: Besides all this fun work, I teach at three different institutions. In the São Paulo Digital School, I created a three days course about digital strategy and planning, I’m in my tenth class, all full and with a waiting list. I also teach at Perestroika, an innovative school where I give a class around social and mobile. And I’m also professor at the Miami AdSchool, the most respected Advertising School in Brazil. These experiences allowed me to be the spokesperson of R/GA in many Social & Mobile events as Social Media Week, Content Summit, FAAP Advertising Week, among others.

Next Steps: Business, Technology and People are still the basis of what I want to do, aligned with a personal goal which is to meet the most interesting people and places in the world. On LinkedIn people endorse me as Digital Strategist. I see digital as an ephemeral word, I’m a Strategist that came to the world to solve problems, if today “digital” is on my top skill, is because it’s the place with the largest opportunities to innovate. As the world keeps changing, I’m seeking that “new skill” to add on to my Strategist toolkit, and I hope it requires both sides of my brain.



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