Creative Career


Awards Summary

  • 1x Young Lions (Best Strategist under 30)
  • 2x Effie Awards (2 Silvers)
  • 5x WAVE Festival (2 Golds, 2 Silvers & Bronze)
  • 2x MMA Smartie Awards, (Silver & Bronze)
  • 2x El Ojo de Iberoamérica (Silver)
  • 2x ABEMD Agency of the year
  • 1x ONE show (Bronze)
  • 2x Cannes Lions (Shortlist)
  • 1x Facebook Studio (finalist)
  • 1x IxDA (Shortlist)


Samsung Global & US

Samsung believes that meaningful progress comes from daring to defy barriers, and we have helped to demonstrate this sentiment throughout many different projects, from Global to US market, from B2B to B2C.

Key projects:



TIM beta — Blablameter

TIM beta is a telecom plan for teens in Brazil. We were tasked to launch a new product and increase usage. Our solution: the Blablameter. A platform that measures teens influence on social and, the more influential you are, the more discounts you get. It was a success, increasing plan usage by more than 22%.



Johnson & Johnson

A lead strategist for two brands, ACUVUE and J&J Corporate Social Responsibility. For ACUVUE, we were responsible to manage all digital efforts, from social, to media display and website. For J&J CSR, we were the agency of record for the Donate a Photo project.



Pepsi — Timeline Show

With the challenge to positioning PEPSI on social media and generate positive brand sentiment, we created a different approach for content using a TV show and its host as a theme. We grew positive sentiment from 33% to 80%.




As a lead social strategist, I helped to migrate the account to R/GA, manage social channels and develop social campaigns for Verizon Wireless and Verizon FiOS, such as Star Wars, one of the most important brand’s partnership and Thanksgetting for holiday campaign, the most important retail moment in the US.




Absolut — Glimmer

Absolut wanted to generate awareness for the launch of its limited edition, Absolut Glimmer, and inspire consumers to make every moment exceptional. We asked the consumer what “exceptional” means, and worked with a typography designer to turn their responses into exceptional light art.



Coca Cola Zero – My Videogame Life

Giving continue to Coca Cola Zero concept Impossible is Possible, we invited people to tell us how would be their life if it was a video game. The best story was made possible. On the first week after launch, more than 500.000 people played the game.



MasterCard – Priceless Guide

Priceless has been synonymous with Mastercard’s brand, to keep Priceless relevant in the digital environment, we created the Priceless Guide in Brazil, a guide that merges everything that Brazilians consider #Priceless.




Boehringer Ingelheim’s Anador – BlockPain

Anador was wanted to change its positioning from a solution against general body pains to a solution against headaches. So we created a fake solution focusing on replacing Anador, generating awareness for the unexpected player and the association of Anador being the best solution for a headache. The project increased sales by over 100% in the first two months following the campaign.