Professional Projects

TIM beta – Blablablâmetro

TIM BLABLAMETER from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

TIM beta is a pre-paid mobile phone plan for young-adults in Brazil. Our main challenge was to increase frequency of use, so we created the Blablameter. It is a platform that measures the influence through social/phone data and recognizes the most influencers with discounts, events invitations and SIM cards to distribute. It was a huge success as it increased the frequency of use in more than 22%. I loved it because we were able to integrate business with technology, and offer something valuable to people. I was the leading strategist, responsible for planning, media and analytics. I partnered with Developers, Creatives, UXers and Business group.
– Global Agency of The Year at The Smarties (MMA). 6 prizes for R/GA, 2 from TIM beta project.
– Winner of the Effie Awards Brazil 2013 with TIM beta project.

Guia do Estudante – Maquina de Profissões

A company specialized on preparatory content for students needed to create a campaign with a marketing objective to become the reference of knowledge, and a business objective to increase traffic and frequency in order to have more ads offering. The target was brazilians teenagers, which are still trying to figure out themselves and social media is the place to test it as their personalities are strongly defined by friends perceptions. So we created a Collaborative Vocational Test, where they respond a few questions and submit questions to be responded by friends and family, getting a complete results about their vocation, with a direct link to the Guia do Estudante content. As a result, we reached the goal of the campaign in 11 days, getting more than 15MM pageviews and 1.1MM unique users, growing 127,5%. It was a record for the company. Besides that, we created a platform to increase ads offering and grow the company business. Today Maquina de Profissões is one of the main platforms of Editora Abril, the biggest publisher company in Latin America with more that 28MM readers.
– Winner of the Young Lions Brazil 2011 in the Planning/Strategy category.

PEPSI – Timeline Show

Pepsi Timeline Show – Case from Fabio Seixas on Vimeo.

We had the challenge to positioning PEPSI on social media and get people conversing about the brand in a positive way. We created a totally different approach for social content using it as a TV show with daily programs and time for posting. We end up increasing the positive sentiment from 33% to 80%.

MasterCard – Priceless Guide

Guia – Meu Brasil Não Tem Preço from MasterCard Brasil on Vimeo.

To keep Priceless live in the digital environment we used people’s suggestions to create a Priceless Guide in Brazil based on the #priceless hashtag.

Absolut – Glimmer

With the challenge to generate awareness with the launch of Absolut Glimmer we stopped the time and ask people what make the present exceptional. Working with a typography designer, we made art using people’s answer.

Coca-Cola Zero – Videogame Life

Giving continue of Coca Cola Zero concept Impossible is Possible, we invited people to tell us how would be their life if it was a videogame. We chose the best story and made it possible.

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