Side Projects

Pee Meter App
An app developed to measure how many milliliters you pee based on the frequency of the sound. It was a cool experiment based on the funny and stupid masculine pride of knowing who has drank more. And, of course, you were able to share your results.


Parande is a project that I created with my mother Bina Monteiro, a well known brazilian artist, and my twin brother, copywriter, Guto. It was an art exhibition to generate discussion about the difference between analog and digital, and to inspire through different forms of art.

The first part of exhibition had a video wall which featured Bina Monteiro’s paintings animated by me (using PhotoShop, Premiere and After Effects). The second part presents the paintings by itself and the people could walk around and see them. The idea was to compare both sides of art, you’re watching the paintings moving but you also have to move to understand art and have your own perception.

Animated paintings:

1.Catarina.Yolanda from Augusto Monteiro on Vimeo.


3.Gestacao.Gaia from Augusto Monteiro on Vimeo.

TV interview explaining the Project:
(In portuguese)

Projeto Parande from Augusto Monteiro on Vimeo.

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